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Artist: Jodhi Doyle
Title: Flying Dragon
Price: $4,400.00
Statement: Flying Dragon was created from discarded scrap metal, and tales of fantasy and magic from my childhood. It is my hope that she appears to fly through the space she is placed in, fierce and powerful, guarding over any treasures placed beneath her.

Sculpture Image
Biography: Jodhi Doyle is an award-winning sculptor, who has exhibited widely throughout Australia, and whose commissions are highly in demand. Jodhi, also known as The Scrappy Sculptor, discovered his talent for sculpting abandoned scrap and antique metals while living on a property in Western NSW. He noticed the farm’s ‘scrap heap’ of metal waste from past generations, some of it dating back over 100 years, waiting to eventually be taken away, or just to sit and rust to nothing. Concerned by the waste of resources, he started to look at the individual pieces in the pile and see inspiration. He’s since become well known for his ability to create sculptures of animals and creatures that are remarkably lifelike. He credits this focus on character in his work to his previous career as a professional performing artist and set designer, and to the metal itself. “It’s not entirely up to me; the metal tells me what it wants to be. I see a pile of scrap and it’s as if a character pops out of it. It’s like I just follow the directions it gives me, to bring it to ‘life’”.