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Artist: Emilia Krumm
Title: Asudem
Price: $3,800.00
Statement: Asudem is the antithesis of the Myth about Medusa. We all know that to set eyes upon Medusa turned people to stone. In this work, one gazes upon the beautiful, colourful, harmless snakes and finds happiness and peace.
Sculpture Image
Biography: Creating sculpture starts with a source deep inside me, where a wealth of experience has shaped who I am. A retrieval of fading memories of my cultural heritages: South African, Italian and Australian fuse to find form, to translate my experiences into the physical, becoming tangible and present and something treasured.
Integral to experiencing my cultural traditions is the notion of myth and fables, particularly Italian and Greek for example ‘Asudem’ is based on the Greek myth about Medusa’s snakes, when gazed upon, one would be horrified and turn to stone, but in my interpretation, one gazes upon my sculpture of snakes and finds peace and happiness with the harmonious shapes and colourful reflections surprising the viewer.
My Italian heritage combined with my African upbringing and life in Australia has had a Symbiotic effect on my work. I have found familiar inspirations in all these countries that resonate in natures’ organic shapes and forms.
Working with reinforced resin, Perspex and stainless steel, my work seeks to develop a ‘Chiaroscuro’ effect which enhances the modelled forms and gives them depth resonant of the Renaissance period, while the colours chosen are a reflection of the Australian and African Flora and Fauna.
The use of negative and positive spaces fascinates me and creates a particular kind of tension in my sculptures. I also love introducing colour to the sculptures, which requires experimentation with finishes particularly for the reinforced resin which is always a challenge to guise.