Three part harmony Dishlicker Love Open for inspection Eagle Eye Harvest THE TREE OF..... TIDAL THE SENTINELS Suburban Vane Memoirs of a Flame Ring_of_Confid_nce #2 Basket Case Don't drink the water... Which Banksia? At Knit's End Young Waratah Lyre Bird Ship Wreck Carousel Horses x 3 Hand forged Dragon Bookends Monitor Snail's Pace Perceived Infinity Screwed Up Terms_of_trade (exchange) #4 Voyage of the Lost Children Hanging with the Trees, dreaming of Stars Aspiration Dog Fountain of Zero Mothers Monastry P.E.Tals  Fossil Comet Under Threat Forest Cathedral Spirit Men Adam and Eve Environmental Warrior Mountain Devil “The Changelings-The Soul Within” Journey Lines Suddenly there were Mushrooms Green Horse no dogs past this point Extreme Fire Warning II,III,IV Mother Lotus Dandelion Series (set of 3) Chanel 2.014 Dragonflies Angry Rabbit I still call Australia home Bobbing Boat A Journey's End The Black Knight "Opposing Forces" Regeneration Resilience Nested Towers reach for the sky Foot of a Tree Fukushima Fish Backbend Above and Below Sentinels Tsunami4 Forbidden Fruits Wired Space Winged Chair The Winged Warriors Contemporary Sloop

Sculpture on the Greens 2016

8th April till 22nd May 2016

We have great news that Mecure Kooindah Waters have increased the area that we can place outdoor sculptures.

Plus, they have made avalable more Indoor space!

New areas

2015 saw over 80 sculptures being exhibited for 2 months in the secure grounds of Kooindah Waters Golf and Spa Resort, 40 Kooindah Blvd, Wyong NSW.

2016 Major Stipends


The exhibition is not a competition, as art is a subjective and personal expression of ones passion. With this in mind, five high profile Sculptors, from different backgrounds, will recommend one of the five major INCENTIVE AWARDS. The adjudicators will not know who else is recommending the other AWARDS and can only make their ONE preferences known. This will level the playing field and reduce subjectivity, giving all styles of sculpture a chance to be awarded an INCENTIVE AWARD.